This fall grow the New American Lawn

Sep 19, 2013

Now is the time to get your lawn in shape with properly timed applications of Jonathan Green Lawn Products. We can help you create the New American Lawn. This means an eco-friendly lawn that is:

  • Naturally dark green in color, so it looks great with less fertilizer
  • More drought tolerant because it's deep rooted
  • More disease and insect resistant because our turf grasses contain endophyte, reducing the need for chemical pest controls.

The New American Lawn occupies a warm place in our hearts. Let Jonathan Green help you, in an ecologically friendly way, to grow today’s great looking care-free lawn. 

When the leaves start to turn and the mornings become cool and crisp, it’s easy to shift your attention away from your lawn and toward other fall related activities. However, fall is a great time to fertilize and seed your lawn. As the day length shortens, grass plants spread and thicken, putting down roots to survive the winter. Grass seed germinates quickly because the soil is warm, water evaporation is lessened, weed competition is reduced and more normal rainfall occurs. Weed and insect populations are greatly reduced during the fall season. This makes fall an ideal time to lay the groundwork for a beautiful, healthy lawn next year.

Start with seed. Seeding your lawn with a better quality grass seed such as Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty or Black Beauty Ultra now will produce a darker green turf naturally. These superior seeds improve disease resistance and drought tolerance and root deeply. Because these seed mixtures contain Endophytes, they impart natural insect resistance. Endophytes are a beneficial fungus the produce alkaloids which are detrimental to above ground feeding insects. Endophytes are all natural and do not diminish over time in the living grass plant. Endophytes reduce the need for chemical pesticide treatment of your lawn.

Your new seed needs food. Start with a pelletized calcium fertilizer, like Mag-I-Cal from Jonathan Green. The pellets are easy to spread and the calcium rich fertilizer will improve soil structure and effectiveness of other fertilizer applications.  Mag-I-Cal contains Humates which enhance grass seed germination, root development and enhance overall plant health and stress resistance.

The final step is a fall/winter appropriate fertilizer. Fall and winter feeding formula keeps your lawn greener later into the year and provides a well-balanced, 10-0-20 No-Phosphorus formula, ideal for winter turf protection. Iron, Sulfur and slow release Nitrogen help keep the lawn a deep green color. Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer fits the need perfectly.

You can find more details at the Jonathan Green website: