Don’t Let Snow and Ice Damage Your House

Nov 21, 2013

Winter is here.  Even though it’s been warmer and less snowy than normal, it will get colder and snowier in the weeks to come.  One of the biggest hazards to your home during these winter months is ice build up on your roof.  Heavy snow can melt underneath from the heat leaking through your roof, particularly at the eaves, and refreeze in your gutters, valleys, and along the eave.  This melting and freezing can cause ice to backup under your shingles and cause mold, rot and water damage to the roof and ceilings below.

Proper insulation, flashing, ventilation, and ice & water barrier products on newer homes and roofs can help protect against this intrusion, but these can require expensive renovations for an older home.  Heat tape can help keep eaves and gutters clear.  But, most heat tape can only sense temperature and will operate whenever it is cold instead of just when it is cold and moisture is present.  Heat tapes can also be damaged by roof rakes used to clear excessive snowfalls.  Rock salt works great, but it’s not easy to throw shovelfuls of salt up onto your roof whenever it snows.  Plus, loose salt will disappear quickly.

Fortunately, there are some new products available that can help.  Dambuster DEICER has come out with a de-icing brick that you can put (or throw) on your roof that will prevent freezing in valleys, gutters and drains.  It’s safe for your roof and safe for vegetation so it won’t destroy grasses, trees, and bushes below.  For truly problematic areas, the bricks can be stacked to provide extra, long term protection.  Similarly, Kassouni Manufacturing has introduced RoofMelt Tablets.  Smaller than the Dambuster bricks, these compressed ice melt tablets can easily be tossed up onto your roof and gutters to keep them clear. 

With products as easy to use as these, there’s no reason to risk major damage to your home form ice and snow this winter.